Author Topic: '78 Cobras  (Read 856 times)

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'78 Cobras
« on: August 05, 2010, 09:06:19 PM »
I picked these two Cobras up this weekend. They have consecutive serial numbers. One runs great, the other needs the carbs cleaned. I have not seen many of these, anyone have any information on them?

I would like to sell these as a pair, will try to come up with a price when I get them both running.

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Re: '78 Cobras
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2010, 09:33:15 PM »
just sold one of those to a friend for the kids to play in the field-was a 340. Sat outside for about 3 years here-who knows how long before we got it. Cleaned the points-put in some fresh gas, and it fired right up. Recovered the seat for them. Surprisingly no rust on it after all that weathering. Think I remember hearing they were only made 78&79 but could be mistaken.